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Groups Host an Olympic Closing Ceremony “Watch Party” to Call for Extension of the Olympic Truce

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Posted by Marylia Kelley

Representatives of Bay Area peace groups, including Tri-Valley CAREs, will gather Sunday, February 25, from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm to watch the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, and call for dialogue and diplomacy with North Korea.

The watch party will take place at the Café Valparaiso, 1403 Solano Avenue, Albany, California. RSVP is required to Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation, at wslf@earthlink.net or to Marylia Kelley at marylia@trivalleycares.org. Media are encouraged to attend.

In November 2017, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for an Olympic Truce, or a cessation of hostilities during the Winter Games, which gained the support of 157 Member States including both Koreas and future hosts of the Olympic Games: Japan, China, France and the United States. The truce period spans the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, from February 2 – March 25, 2018

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Daniel Ellsberg to Deliver Keynote Address at Nuclear Weapons Protest

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Posted by Marylia Kelley

Mark your calendar for 8 AM Monday, August 6, 2018. Tri-Valley CAREs and hundreds of peace advocates from around the state will commemorate the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan at Livermore Lab, where the U.S. is spending billions to create new “more usable” nuclear bombs in accordance with the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review and budget.

The keynote speaker will be Daniel Ellsberg, perhaps best known as the whistleblower who released “The Pentagon Papers” to hasten an end to the war in Vietnam. He has been an analyst at RAND Corp. and consultant to the Defense Dept., specializing in problems of command and control of nuclear weapons, war plans and crisis decision-making. Daniel Ellsberg recently released his long-awaited memoirs, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Posted by Valeria Salamanca

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An Overview of “Brand New” Nukes and the Budget

Monday, February 12, 2017
Posted by Marylia Kelley

Today, while his Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget for nuclear weapons was being delivered to Congress, President Trump boasted: "We're increasing arsenals of virtually every weapon… We will have a nuclear force that will be absolutely modernized and brand-new.”

The Department of Energy (DOE) is the cabinet-level agency in charge of US nuclear weapons and the cleanup of contamination that comes with them, along with other programs. The DOE FY19 budget request is $30.6 billion.

The DOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is the big budget winner. The President’s FY19 request provides $15.1 billion to create new and modified nuclear warheads and the bomb plants to build them in alignment with the recently released Nuclear Posture Review. This represents an increase of $2.2 billion (17%) over the current profligate annual spending level for NNSA.

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Half-Day Conference: Stop the War Machine

Sunday, February 11, 2018
Posted by Eric Luna

Ugly & Coming Monday: Trump's Nuclear Budget

Friday, February 9, 2018
Posted by Marylia Kelley

Here is a press release we just released along with our colleagues in the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability. It is crafted to give reporters probing questions to ask DOE regarding the nuclear weapons and cleanup budget for Fiscal Year 2019, which is scheduled to be released on Monday by the President. We will provide additional analysis following its public release. Read on...

Click here to see our press release.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Posted by Marylia Kelley

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Onward, together!

Monday, January 22, 2018
Posted by Marylia Kelley

OAKLAND WOMEN'S MARCH, rallying for nuclear abolition with Ann, Valerie, Gail, Tavi, Lou, Rahul and friends. Here are a few pics from an amazing day. Onward, together!

Trump “Nuclear Posture” Approves New Warheads & Factories; Opens the Door to Testing

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Posted by Joseph Rodgers

On Saturday, Hawaiians received a notification of incoming ballistic missiles on their cell phones. It took 38 minutes for the false alarm to be rescinded. Thousands of Americans called their loved ones for what they thought to be the last time. In those 38 minutes, citizens of Hawaii experienced first hand the radical contingency of life in the nuclear era.

Three days before the Hawaii incident, the Huffington Post leaked a draft of the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review, a Pentagon document that dictates the overall strategy for United States nuclear forces.

The leaked document, which is rumored to be the final draft, demonstrates an aggressive shift from the Obama posture review by mandating “more usable” low-yield nuclear weapons, doubling down on building new bomb plants, and lowering the threshold to resume nuclear weapons testing.

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Click here to read the leaked draft Nuclear Posture Review.

Saturday, January 13, 2018
Posted by Marylia Kelley

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Prevent Open-Air Toxic Bomb Blasts at CA’s Site 300

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment) calls all CA residents and environmentalists everywhere to sign our petition to prevent open-air toxic bomb tests.

1. Help us oppose a proposal by the Livermore nuclear weapons Lab to increase outdoor tests at its Site 300 from 100-pounds of high explosives daily to 1,000-pounds daily (10x).

2. Livermore Lab lists more than 120 hazardous poisons that will be in these huge outdoor blasts, including beryllium, vinyl chloride, phosphine, hydrogen cyanide, and dioxin to name just a few.

3. These tests are for nuclear weapons, according to Livermore Lab.

Site 300 is Livermore Lab’s high explosives testing range located in the hills a mere 7,000 feet from the City of Tracy. Site 300 is on the U.S. EPA Superfund list of most poisoned sites in the country. Open-air blasts there used radioactive materials, such as Uranium 238, without commencing the appropriate cleanup of the detonation area (firing-table). Therefore, the proposed larger detonations can re-suspend radioactive particles in the soils.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition today.

This petition will be delivered to:

* The photograph in this email is an actual open-air bomb test at Site 300. If you look carefully, you can see buildings that are dwarfed by the size of the detonation. The toxic materials drift on the wind.

Click here to read Tri-Valley CAREs’ 14-page comment letter opposing these open-air blasts.

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