Tri-Valley CAREs’ “green lab” proposal would move Livermore Lab in a new direction to better meet present day priorities for energy independence and nuclear nonproliferation.                   We advocate transitioning Livermore Lab from nuclear weapons development to an unclassified “World Class Center for Civilian Science.”

Under this plan, nuclear weapon design activities involving plutonium, highly enriched uranium and tritium (radioactive hydrogen) would cease. In their place, to name a few, would be socially and environmentally responsible programs to address global warming, develop more efficient renewable, non-polluting energy technologies, and invent better methods to clean up toxic and radioactive contamination.

We believe that conversion of Livermore Lab from nuclear bombs to a “green lab” is a win-win proposition, good for the workers, the community, the nation, and the world.

Lethal Nuclear Legacies

Part of the hidden history of nuclear weapons involves the massive toxic and radioactive contamination that accompanies nuclear development, at Livermore Lab in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, and in other nations.