In its annual announcement this week, the formidable Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist called upon its Executive Chair, former CA governor Jerry Brown, along with Bill Nye the Science Guy, famous for his long standing educational science TV show, to reset the “Doomsday Clock” to 90 seconds to midnight, calling it, “the closest the Clock has ever been to midnight, reflecting the continued state of unprecedented danger the world faces.”

While the clock takes into account many factors, including the risks posed by ongoing climate change, the accompanying “Doomsday Statement” highlights the, “The war in Ukraine and the widespread and growing reliance on nuclear weapons increase the risk of nuclear escalation. China, Russia, and the United States are all spending huge sums to expand or modernize their nuclear arsenals, adding to the ever-present danger of nuclear war through mistake or miscalculation.”

Bill Nye said: “For decades, scientists have been warning us of the dangers facing humankind. We could be facing catastrophe unless we better manage the technologies we’ve created. It’s time to act.”

Here at Tri-Valley CAREs we take “Doomsday Clock’s” call to action very seriously. We continue to work to constrain the proliferation provocative nuclear weapons programs being developed right in our backyard, at Livermore Lab. We also work to support national and global efforts to abolish nuclear weapons, before its is too late.

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