We invite you to mark the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the Livermore Conversion Project, a collaborative of Bay Area peace groups including Tri-Valley CAREs.

At this years’ event at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab we will honor the life of our dear friend and nuclear disarmament champion, Daniel Ellsberg.

We will gather at the West Gate of the Lab at 9 am on Friday, August 4, for a solemn silent vigil to remember Dan and demand dismantlement of what he termed the “Doomsday Machine” – starting at the Livermore Lab, which continues to design and develop new nuclear warheads.

If you can, please wear something black or white, which are significant colors for mourning in Japanese culture.

We have chosen August 4 so that our presence will be witnessed by Livermore Lab workers entering and leaving the classified bomb Lab.

Please bring your banners and join us! We will also have some extra banners to hold, including some of Dan at the West Gate in years’ past.

The Livermore Lab West Gate is located at Vasco Road and Westgate Drive. You can park in the residential area off of Daphne Dr., which is on the opposite side of Vasco Road from the Lab entrance.

Following a 30-minute silent vigil at 9 am, from 9:30-10:30 am at the West Gate we will debut a new video compilation of Dan’s most compelling and inspiring talks from past rallies at the Lab.

Here is the “Save the Date Flyer”. 

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CLICK here to read a wonderful piece in the Plough Magazine on Dan’s passing with Robert Ellsberg, one of Dan’s sons.

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