From the desk of Marylia Kelley

Your generous support this summer will enable our programs to change nuclear policy, challenge federal budget priorities and assert our human right to air, land and water that is free of nuclear contamination.

Your tax-deductible financial gift to Tri-Valley CAREs goes directly into our work to create social and political change. We are mighty, but we are not large or bloated. We keep our overhead small and our achievements large!

With your help, we have conducted advocacy and outreach to Congress that already resulted this year in amendments to curb plutonium pit production and stymie a new weapons system called the Sea-Launched Cruise Missile-Nuclear or SLCM-N. Stay tuned as the budget continues to make its way through Congress. We are working for even more cuts to dangerous nuclear weapons programs.

Working together, we elevated the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) through public actions with our “Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal” banners at the gates of Livermore Lab. We also succeeded in publishing multiple letters to the editor in five different newspapers to bring public attention to the TPNW. And, we participated in a major grassroots campaign in the lead up to the historic First Meeting of States Parties to the TPNW, which took place in Vienna, Austria last month from June 21-23.

And, as you may know, we are in the final weeks of planning a virtual rally at Livermore Lab to commemorate the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I will be filmed speaking at the gates of Livermore Lab for this event, as will others, including Nagasaki survivor Nobu Hanaoka. We have the flyer up on our website at and we invite you to join us. The event link and other information are below.

There is much horror in the world. And, Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and its nuclear saber rattling have escalated the dangers of nuclear war. Some in the public are thinking about nuclear weapons for the first time. Others understand that the danger of nuclear use never left despite the announced end of the cold war more than 30 year ago.

At Tri-Valley CAREs, we are working with new people and longstanding peace activists alike. We maintain a strong focus on nuclear abolition as the path to greater peace and justice – as well as true security. This is the aspiration of humanity, and together we can and will eliminate nuclear weapons before they eliminate us.

Your tax-deductible gift at this time assists in this work. Please give whatever amount you are able. I can assure you that your gift of any amount is always welcome and will be put to immediate good use!

In addition to generating beneficial social and political change in the world, we at Tri-Valley CAREs are working to create positive change in our own organization. Some of you may have read my recent announcement that it is time to “pass the torch” of leadership at the helm of Tri-Valley CAREs.

The board, staff and I are working together to ensure a smooth transition to a great new executive director. We have just begun that search. If you are reading this, and you think you might know a good candidate, please direct them to where we have posted a wealth of information under About Us, “career opportunities.”

Tri-Valley CAREs is well positioned to continue – and expand – its influence over nuclear and environmental policy. As I have noted, I am healthy and well and plan to remain involved in the work in some capacity going forward. Building on this firm foundation, it is indeed the right time to find a wonderful new leader.

Exciting things are happening in the world and inside your favorite nuclear watchdog group. Stay tuned! And, please do help us with a tax-deductible donation this summer.

CLICK HERE to donate by credit card. Or send your gift by check to: Tri-Valley CAREs, 4049 1st Street, Suite 243, Livermore, CA 94551. THANK YOU!

In Peace,

Marylia Kelley,

Executive Director

Along with our amazing staff: Scott Yundt, staff attorney, and Raiza Marciscano-Bettis, bilingual community organizer.

And our fabulous board members: Loulena Miles, Mary Perner, Lukasz Wojtaszek, Gail Rieger, Inga Olson, Emily Walton, Tony Green, Pam Richard, Willard Hunter, Judith Flanagan, Ann Seitz and Nick Bastovan.