The Community Guide: Tri-Valley CAREs is pleased to announce our latest publication, “Community Guide to the Draft Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement for Livermore Lab.” This reader-friendly 16-page Guide, complete with charts and numerous photographs, is designed to support meaningful public participation in the Livermore Lab SWEIS process.  The Community Guide includes:

  • Background info on Livermore Lab and the SWEIS process, including the National Environmental Policy Act, the environmental law that mandates the SWEIS;
  • Key issues involving Livermore Lab’s Main Site and Site 300. In the section titled, “What to Look for in the Draft SWEIS,” you will find info on bomb blasts, new facilities, radioactive materials including tritium and plutonium, Livermore Lab’s role in plutonium “materials testing” for bomb cores, worker health and safety, ongoing cleanup of toxic and radioactive poisons from past activities, seismic issues, climate impacts, the need for true alternatives, and more; and,
  • Next steps in the process, including our upcoming Community Forum on September 29th, tracking the release of the Draft SWEIS (due in October), the public comment period, and the importance of public involvement.

CLICK HERE for the Community Guide in PDF.

The Community Forum: Tri-Valley CAREs invites you a Community Forum on September 29, 2022, at 7:30 PM PT. Join the conversation and learn how a new Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement for Livermore Lab can affect our health and environment.

Speakers Marylia Kelley, Tri-Valley CAREs’ Executive Director, Scott Yundt, Staff Attorney and Raiza Marciscano-Bettis, Bilingual (Spanish-English) Community Organizer will share key issues and actions to take. Your questions, in Spanish or English, are a major component of the Forum. We look forward to seeing you there.

CLICK HERE to join the Zoom Meeting using the link.
Meeting ID: 818 8690 1971 • Password: 803885

In a Nutshell: The SWEIS process is a legally required analysis of Livermore Lab’s plans for the next 15 years. It’s a once in a generation opportunity to weigh in on programs and operations at the Lab. The National Environmental Policy Act mandates that the Lab undertake a thorough review of its potential harms to human health and the environment, along with alternatives. This must be released to the public in the form of a Draft SWEIS. The Lab must then seek out – and respond to – public input on its programs and alternatives. Your voice matters!

You may also access the Community Guide by clicking on its cover…