Passing the torch…

It has been the honor of my lifetime to help establish Tri-Valley CAREs in 1983, and, then, in the years that followed, to serve as its Executive Director.

Over the decades, Tri-Valley CAREs has blossomed from an informal affinity group into an influential nonprofit with an amazing board, staff and robust membership. I am now excited to announce that the group is embarking on the search for new executive leadership.

As I look back, I see all the ways in which thoughtful changes have energized us, strengthened us, and moved us ever forward. It is from this foundation that the Tri-Valley CAREs board, staff, and I have worked to craft our executive transition plan and formal passing of the torch to a new Executive Director.

I trust that I will be able to enlist your help in this important endeavor.

The Executive Director will continue Tri-Valley CAREs’ critical work to watchdog Livermore Lab and the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, secure environmental justice to address the contamination stemming from nuclear development, and promote the global abolition of all such weapons.

Our Executive Director leads with mission in mind. I can promise that the job is always consequential, mostly joyous, and, for sure, never-ever boring.

You may know this person…

Can you see yourself – or someone you know – in the role of executive director at Tri-Valley CAREs? To help you answer that question, we have put together a packet of essential information on our website at:

In the first section will find information about Tri-Valley CAREs, including our mission statement, values, and current programs.

The second section is all about the Executive Director position, including its key responsibilities and compensation, the characteristics and qualifications we seek, and the opportunities and expectations for leadership at Tri-Valley CAREs.

The final section contains next steps, such as how to apply and what to include with your application.

Please check it out (we all worked really hard on it). And do circulate it to colleagues and/or lists you think could lead to good candidates for the position. THANK YOU!

For peace, justice and a healthy environment,

Marylia Kelley

P.S. As a personal note, let me answer a couple questions that folks have asked me. I am fortunate to be in good health and extremely enthusiastic about the great work Tri-Valley CAREs and its Executive Director will accomplish into the future. I envision a fresh blooming of the organization with new skills and talents at the helm. Following a good onboarding process, I will step back to ensure the new leader has the space to do just that – lead. The Executive Director will then determine the manner in which the group will utilize my institutional knowledge going forward.