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FOIA Documents on Plutonium at NIF

The following documents were received by Tri-Valley CAREs in 2014 in response to Freedom of Information Act requests we made to the National Nuclear Security Administration asking for documents that concern the use of plutonium, other fissile and/or fissionable materials at the NIF. We requested this information in 2011 and again in 2013.

These documents formed the basis for the article in our November/December 2014 Citizen's Watch newsletter and the subsequent handout/flier for LLNL workers with the 10 good reasons plutonium in NIF is a bad idea.

The documents are listed by their titles, which do not necessarily reflect the contents of the particular documents very accurately. They also have many redacted sections that the agency alleged were exempt from release under FOIA.

Many additional documents were produced and are kept at the Tri-Valley CAREs office. The following 8 documents were those we determined to be the most relevant to the public.

Facility Readiness Evaluation for High-Z Experiments at NIF

Requirements for Plutonium NIF targets - June 2011

Special Nuclear Materials 8-16-2011

Concept for Producing High-Z Targets - 8-5-2011

Plutonium-244 Target Manufacturing

Path to High-Z on NIF - A Working Group Summary 6-13-2013.

Plutonium use in NIF

3-yr Implementation Plan at NNSA's High Energy Density Facilities