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Tri-Valley CAREs has various internship opportunities that give students advanced skills and experience in their field of study. Tri-Valley CAREs provides interns with challenging internships that are tailored to each student's interest and skills. Join with an internationally recognized grassroots group working for peace, justice and the environment. And, you'll have fun. (See below.)

For-credit internships can be arranged individually. Current internships include (all links are pdf files):

Hear from some former interns:

"Interning at Tri-Valley CAREs allowed me to see the inner workings of a peace organization that actually gets stuff done. I was so impressed with their vision of a better world (especially the way they bring together environmentalism, justice and disarmament) and the tremendous scientific knowledge, legal savvy and organizing power they use to effect change. Working with them also gave me an "in" to a whole universe of anti-nuclear activism, as well as a place in its activist community." - Chelsea Collonge, former community outreach intern, UC Berkeley student

"The working environment at Tri-Valley CAREs is excellent: very friendly, informal, and laid back, yet still very focused and motivated. I developed a command of several important statutes including the Freedom of Information Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Endangered Species Act. I also learned a lot about the day-to-day nuts-and-bolts of small grassroots groups, especially the way they incorporate the law into their strategies for social change. Above all, I had fun, and made great friends with the whole TVC staff." - Matthew Liebman, former legal intern, Stanford law student

"I enjoyed meeting with community members and being able to give them information on our freedom of speech laws. This interaction helped make my work come alive, especially hearing some of their stories about living in the community. It was a great dynamic and personally motivating."
- Michele Hunton, former legal intern, Golden Gate law student