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Tri-Valley CAREs meeting a success

March 29, 2019
Tracy Press


People from Tracy community came to join us on March 13 and learned about and discussed these very important issues. Here is a bit about it:

The discussion focused on Livermore Lab’s plan to be increase the size and power of explosions at Site 300 tenfold, from the current 100-pound limit to 1,000 pounds of high explosive per blast. This is especially concerning to residents given the recent approvals for the Tracy Hills development roughly one mile from that firing table.

Additionally, the Superfund cleanup was discussed. Site 300 has been on this list since 1990 and the cleanup from past testing activities (and dumping of waste onsite) is slow-going and will take many more decades. Citizen involvement is key to ensuring that contamination on site is remediated to a level that protects public health and supports environmental quality.

Community members at the meeting were very receptive and they offered solutions that could be implemented. They agreed that air, water, ground and noise quality will have a great impact from the bomb blasts. They worried that toxic contaminants will be released into the air and residents will be breathing them, exposing them to lung cancer, asthma, many other diseases and even early death.

Tri-Valley CAREs needs you, this needs to be a citizen-led effort in Tracy. We can be a motivating force by sending letters to the editor, reaching out to real estate brokerages, sending memos, etc. You as a community decide how much clean is clean. We are open to hear new strategies and we ask for help to connect with other organizations in Tracy that may be willing to include some of this information in their mission.

We would like to thank you for coming and supporting us!

Raiza Bettis,


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