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Support Global Peace and Fiscal Responsibility

August, 22, 2019
The Independent

The Department of Energy is now considering plans for the production of 80 new plutonium bomb cores every year, despite the redundancy and high cost that such a project would entail. The plan is in accordance to Donald Trump's 2018 nuclear posture review, which in addition to demanding new pit production, has designs for newer, deadlier bombs.

New pit production is unnecessary however, since the United States already has up to 20,000 pits in reserve at the Department of Energy's Pantex site in Texas - each with a credible lifetime use of up to 100 years after production. Additionally, the United States already has 1750 deployed nuclear weapons and another 2000 in active reserve. It's unclear how pursuing policy of brinksmanship helps our national security interests, or why we need new warheads given the overwhelming firepower already have.

The six billion dollar project is a reflection of ignorance on the part of our current administration, and should be opposed by all who care about global peace, or fiscal responsibility.

Brendan Phillips,


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