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Sensible nuclear policy needed

January 15, 2021
Tracy Press


It is very difficult for me to write something negative about a President of the United States, but President Donald Trump’s behavior has completely derailed in the last week. He shows no sign of acknowledgement of what he did was an attack to our nation. His behavior is unsettling, dangerous, and plain disturbing. Whatever description anyone can come up is nothing less than someone that wants to undermine democracy and unlawfully overturn a fair election.

Following the violent assault on the Capitol on Wednesday, journalists quoted a close Trump aide as saying that the President was “out of his mind.” Additionally, sources close to the President told CNN that Trump’s state of mind was “unstable, ranting and raving” and “bent on destruction in his final days.”

Many Americans worry that in his blatant state of mind, the president could easily order a nuclear strike or initiate military hostilities. He can literally “push the button” and have the largest city of North Korea obliterated.

The new administration should work with Congress to reduce the risks that any future President might start a nuclear war. The U.S. should enact a sensible policy that would prevent the first use of nuclear weapons in a conflict and put an end to the President’s sole authority to launch such a strike.

Raiza Marciscano,


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