2007 Budget Analysis - Still At It

On February 6, 2006, President Bush submitted his budget request for fiscal year 2007, which begins October 1, 2006. The budget requests $6.4 billion for Nuclear Weapons Activities -- $38 million more than the 2006 appropriation. The request continues the decade long upsurge in funding for nuclear weapons. Remarkably, the 2007 nuclear weapons budget is one-third higher than the average annual spending on nuclear weapons during the Cold War, even after accounting for inflation.

The Reliable Replacement Program: A "Slippery Slope" to New Nuclear Weapons

The "Reliable Replacement Warhead" program could cost Billions, diminish U.S. security, and result in new nuclear weapons designs less safe and reliable than the current arsenal. Read our press release here, and download the report here. The report cover (2.7 MB pdf file) is available here.