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Nuclear Research Helps Keep Us Safe

September, 3, 2020
The Independent News

Same old, same old. Like a broken record, we've been treated to yet another dose of Marylea Kelley's well-worn opinions, this time joined by one of her disciples, Mary Perner.

Marylea preaches that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has brought something alien to the valley, radioactivity. She doesn't want radiation. Marylea is apparently clueless that radioactivity is nothing new. It's the force that drives earthquakes, volcanoes, and God forbid, geothermal plants. The Earth is literally a natural nuclear reactor, so I can only guess she's planning to leave the planet.

Science, as related on the PBS show, “Nova,” relates that life on the planet would not exist as we know it without radioactivity. So, Marylea, for God's sake, live with it. 

Then Mary Perner claims LLNL has "squandered" money on nuclear weapons. She apparently thinks that by avoiding doing anything to defend ourselves we will be safe. Really? She prescribes to the bankrupt and timeworn idea that by not doing anything provocative, thugs like Russian President Putin will respond kindly. Mary seems to be just as clueless that President John F. Kennedy once came out here specifically to thank LLNL scientists for helping the country avert a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Yes Marylea, yes Mary, thugs like Stalin and Khrushchev didn't fall for your philosophy either and only by our being strong were we able to avoid a catastrophe. You two, and your ideas, are dangerous, and the sad part is you don't even know it.

Tom Ramos,


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