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For immediate release: October 2, 2007

Community to Confront "Complex Transformation" and New Nuclear Weapons at Livermore Lab

Tri-Valley CAREs Will Host Workshop on Government Plans, Implications for Livermore and Upcoming Public Hearings

for more information, contact:
Jedidjah de Vries, Outreach Director, Tri-Valley CAREs, (925) 443-7148
Marylia Kelley, Executive Director, Tri-Valley CAREs, (925) 443-7148

What: Area residents will come together to discuss the future of nuclear weapons, the infrastructure of the nuclear weapons complex and the role of the nuclear arsenal in U.S. policy. This community meeting is being held in advance of public hearings on "Complex Transformation," the Department of Energy's (DOE) plan to revamp and rebuild the nuclear weapons complex that had formerly been called "Complex 2030." Attendees will learn about the U.S. nuclear complex and the DOE's plans for its future as well as acquire new tools to democratically impact public policy. The evening will open with presentations from subject experts on the various aspects of "Complex Transformation," the Reliable Replacement Warhead program, plutonium pits, and depleted uranium bomb testing with a special emphasis on the role of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Participants will then form "round table" groups to discuss the issues more in depth, to formulate alternatives to the DOE's plans and to prepare themselves to present comments at the upcoming hearings.

When: Wednesday, October 3, 2007 from 7:00pm - 9pm
(Presentations from 7pm - 8pm, 'roundtables' to follow)

Where: United Christian Church, 1886 College Ave., Livermore

Who: Hosted by the Livermore-based "watchdog" organization Tri-Valley CAREs, the event will include a panel of experts as well as discussion and participation by area residents. Robert Schwartz, The National Environmental Policy Act; Alternatives analysis and scenarios Marylia Kelley, Overview of "Complex Transformation"; Plutonium issues and Livermore Jedidjah de Vries, The role of the RRW program Loulena Miles, Hydrodynamic tests and Site 300

Why: The DOE has announced that it will release a draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement on "Complex Transformation" next month. This meeting will prepare the community to comment.

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