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Eye-opening anniversary

August 16, 2019
Tracy Press


It was an honor to have attended the Hiroshima Day this past Aug. 6 to mark the 74th anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the Livermore Lab. It was an amazing experience to hear Rev. Hanaoka and Mr. Ellsberg speak about their experiences and the budget of billions of dollars the Trump administration is spending to create new nuclear warheads at the Livermore Lab.

Rev. Hanaoka spoke about his horrible experience just when he was an infant and even though he doesn't remember, the traumatic experience that followed his early years are still imprinted in his memory. His mother and sister died due to the radiation poisoning and his brother died from illnesses linked to radiation poisoning, dying at only 35. Rev. Hanaoka has dedicated his entire life to speak that peace is the way.

Daniel Ellsberg helped speed the end of the Vietnam War and called the ICBM missiles the new warhead is to arm "the most dangerous weapons in the world." He said that we are still capable of extinguishing most human life and the life of animals that can't adapt.

Tri-Valley CAREs was also present. The shocking opening of Tri-Valley CAREs Executive Director Marylia Kelley's words still remain in my head when she said: "Imagine for a moment that you live in Hiroshima, Japan, 74 years ago today is Aug. 6 at 8:15 in the morning, then you see the flash, borscht red, brighter than the sun, then comes the sound, the boom, boom, the buildings begin to crumble." It was an eye opener of the true reality and the frightening experience that innocent people had to endure (and still do).

It is time to say "Never Again" while we address the current day U.S. nuclear weapons being developed at Livermore Lab.

Raiza Bettis,


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