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Extend the comment period

August 28, 2020
Pleasanton Weekly

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory plans to conduct a full site-wide environmental impact statement (SWEIS), as required by the National Environmental Policy Act to analyze the lab’s environmental impact over the next 15 years.

This is the only opportunity for the public to influence the lab (a federal nuclear weapons lab with two Superfund cleanup sites) until 2036. Tri-Valley CAREs, a LLNL watchdog group, has requested a SWEIS for years.

SWEIS timing now, during a global pandemic and a presidential campaign, seems calculated to minimize public input into nuclear lab activities. We at CAREs won’t let them get away with this!

The National Nuclear Security Administration claims, “U.S. nuclear weapons infrastructure is aging and historically underfunded.” Having squandered hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons of mass destruction with massive yearly budget increases for nuclear weapons activities, LLNL now asserts half its operating buildings are inadequate or substandard.

Why then haven’t existing funds been used to maintain lab infrastructure? Are we willing to spend billions more on weapons during a pandemic and joblessness crisis, while the country cries out for improved medical and climate research? The lab’s budget for such research is tiny

SWEIS comments allow the public to assist NNSA in determining lab alternatives — e.g. cleanup and funding vital scientific work like climate change solutions or health research.

Tri-Valley CAREs seeks to extend the comment period allowing time for more public engagement. Please join us in impacting the future of the nuclear weapons lab. Check for updates.

Mary Perner,

Board president, Tri-Valley CAREs

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