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Tuesday, August 6 Hiroshima Commemoration at Livermore Lab

Sixty-eight years after the United States dropped atomic bombs on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, the threat of nuclear annihilation remains. Nuclear devastation could come by accident, miscalculation, madness or malevolent intent. The Fukushima disaster demonstrates the dangers of nuclear technologies derived from the bomb. And, while instructions on how to “duck and cover” to survive a nuclear bomb may seem quaint, modern propaganda still blinds many to our most urgent and unfinished business: the total abolition of nuclear weapons.

The theme this year is "Unfinished Business and Our Most Urgent Responsibility; Banning the Bomb at the Livermore Lab and Globally."

We will gather at the northwest corner of the Lab (Vasco Road and Patterson Pass Road in Livermore) on Tuesday, August 6 at 7am. Then, at 8:15am, there will be a short procession and nonviolent direct action at the West Gate. We will gather at the location where U.S. nuclear weapons scientists are developing the world’s first so-­‐called “interoperable” warhead to deliver annihilation interchangeably from land or sea. Those who choose will peacefully risk arrest, while others will provide legal witness and support.

This year’s rally includes our keynote speaker Daniel Ellsberg. Other wonderful speakers include Rev. Nobu Hanaoka, a Nagasaki A-Bomb survivor, Cecile Pineda, author of “Devil’s Tango; How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step,” Pete Yamamoto, poet of “Mayor of J-town,” and Loulena Miles, who will speak about Livermore Lab’s nuclear weapons activities. Music will be provided by Genyu Kai, an Okinawan band, and Taiko Drummers.

Sponsors include Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, American Friends Service Committee, Asian Americans for Peace and Justice, Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, Earth Abides Catholic Worker, Ecumenical Peace Institute, Fr. Bill O'Donnell Social Justice Committee, FukushimaResponse, Grandmothers for Peace International, Green Party of Alameda, Livermore Conversion Project, Modesto Peace Life Center, Monterey Peace and Justice Center, Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center, Night on the Street Catholic Worker, No Nukes Action Committee, Northern CA 9/11 Truth Alliance, Pax Christi Fremont, Peace Action West, Peace and Freedom Party-State Central Committee, Peace Fresno, Peaceworkers, People's World, Physicians for Social Responsibility, San Francisco-Bay Area Chapter, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, Social Justice Center of Marin, Tri-Valley CAREs, United Nations Association-USA, East Bay Chapter, United Nations Association-SF, Veterans For Peace, Western States Legal Foundation, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Santa Cruz. Additional Co-Sponsors Welcome!

Click here for the August 6 event flier.